Voight's Visions - Capturing, Preserving and Organizing Your Vision(s)
Photography - Voight's Visions

Need Social Media Photos? Website Content? People? Pets?
Let me capture those for you. 

Digitizing & Preserving - Voight's Visions

Got Slides? Photos? Prints? Film? Video or Cassette Tapes?
I preserve by digitizing for you. Let me help you make those digital.  

Organizing - Voight's Visions

Got stuff buried in your Office? Home? Garage? Storage Unit?
Let a professional save you hours by efficiently completing all those get-organized-someday projects. 

Passion Projects & Portfolio - Voight's Visions

Check out my work here.


Laura Voight

Hi There!

I want to capture, preserve, and organize your vision(s)!

After decades of documenting people’s lives in photos, I have expanded my skills to also preserve memories and organize physical clutter.

I can be valuable in creating & protecting your keepsakes. Along with expertise in digital archiving (organizing and digitizing photos, films and slides), I can help you manage the visual appearance of your surroundings.

Memories are important. What is sharp now fades fast. Your surroundings matter. Let's make it the vision that you want.

Get a free 30 Minute Phone or Zoom to help us understand your specific project/s.

Laura Voight 

What could you use Voight’s Visions for you:
• Archiving and organizing (digitizing) photographic memories.
• Organizing your surrounding space (personal and/or business).
• Coaching you on how to stay organized.
• Saving TIME by hiring a professional to efficiently complete your projects.

Why Voight’s Visions?
• Success with existing clients.
• Professional background working at Philadelphia Museum of Art and SF MOMA in conservation (which included archiving).
• Professional Organizer with National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO)
• Complimentary initial interview and assessment
 • Background checked and references available

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National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals
Puff & Fluff Grooming & Pet Sitting
Maricopa County Animal Care and Control

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